Autism and Beyond

“As a small business, NAVIGATE Business Grants provides us with current information on available grants, which resulted in Autism and Beyond secure funding for QLD Mental Health Week 2022!” – Aimee Clark, Director, Autism and Beyond

Berg Engineering

With the need to remain competitive in the market, BERG Engineering leverage from the information provided by NAVIGATE Business Grants to seek funding that supports the growth of our business!” Derek Berg, CEO, Berg Engineering

GD Watermark

“By gaining exposure to what grants are available, we have secured funding to obtain our ISO9001 certification under the W.A Local Capabilities Fund” – Divya Shah, Director, GD Watermark.

McCosker Gladstone Speedway

“Thanks to NAVIGATE Business Grants, McCosker Gladstone Speedway successfully secured an additional $247,000 in funding from the QLD Gov Minor Infrastructure Program to build new amenities at our new national track.” – Richard Gilmour, Secretary, Gladstone Auto Club

Prizm Engineering

“Having the NBG platform at our fingertips has been game-changing. It has empowered Prizm Engineering to explore funding opportunities with just a click of a button, providing us with the necessary resources to pursue new projects and venture into innovative avenues for growth.” – Chris Cilliers, Managing Director, Prizm Engineering

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“As a small business, I never knew just how much business support and grants were available until I came across NAVIGATE Business Grants!”

Kristy Barker, Director, Defined Brows

“I never realised how much funding I could apply for, but with a click of the button, NAVIGATE Business Grants brings me all the information in one location”

Ben Hobbs, Director, BMH 

“The 2022 Floods had a major impact on our primary production business. With the support and help from NAVIGATE Business Grants, we have been able to secure funding via QRIDA to help get us back on our feet!”

Julie Nolan, Director, Nolan Pastoral 

“Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd has been an invaluable partner in securing over $1.7 million in grant funding for our projects. Their expertise and knowledge of the grant process enabled us to access vital funds for our business. Their attention to detail and personalised approach made the entire experience a success. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and can highly recommend Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd for anyone looking to secure grant funding for their projects.”

Derek Berg – CEO Berg Engineering

“We at Gladstone Auto Club Inc. would like to thank Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd for their invaluable assistance in helping us to secure a $1 million grant funding towards important projects at the club. Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd was instrumental in helping us to better understand the grant-funding process and provided us with the necessary resources and guidance to ensure that our applications were successful. Their expertise and dedication to our cause ensured that we were able to secure the funding needed to support our projects. We are truly grateful for their assistance and would highly recommend them for anyone seeking assistance with grant-funding applications.”

Richard Gilmore – Gladstone Auto Club Inc.

“We found and applied for the Energy Efficient Communities – Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Grant, and were successful in receiving funding for a new Cold Room”

Julie Barker, Director, Tin Can Bay Butcher

“We are thrilled to have secured $340,000 in grant funding with the help of NAVIGATE Business Grants! We had never used a grant writer before and were unsure of the process, but our grant writer was with us every step of the way and provided valuable insight and guidance. Our grant writer was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and we are so pleased with the outcome. We highly recommend them to any company looking to accelerate their business. We are extremely grateful for their support and highly recommend their services.”

Michael Bonanno – Owner – Callide Manufacturing Company

“Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd has been a wonderful partner for us here at Bubble n Kick. They worked closely with us to secure $15,000 grant funding for our business, which has been a valuable asset in helping us grow. Their expertise and knowledge of government grants has enabled us to secure a significant amount of funding that has enabled us to develop our business. Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd has been a great asset to our business, and we would highly recommend them to any other business looking to secure grant funding.”

Kym Clift – Owner – Bubble n Kick

“We can never thank Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd enough for their help in securing $100,000 grant funding for Ilfracombe Caravan Park. With their expertise and guidance, we were able to successfully apply for a grant that has enabled us to upgrade and improve the park. The additional funding has allowed us to purchase new equipment, improve the grounds and provide a better experience to our guests. We are so grateful to Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd for helping to make this new venture possible.”

Cathy Hitson – Owner – Ilfracombe Caravan Park

“Navigate Business Grants secured funding for Upton Engineering under the Manufacturing Hub grants program for a project valued at $1.3 million. We could not be happier with the results we achieved through utilising Navigate Business Grants Pty Ltd and entrusting all our funding-related projects to Carli and the team. This grant will propel us into the defense sector.”

Mitch Upton – Director – Upton Engineering

“We are highly impressed with NAVIGATE Business Grants and the results they have achieved for us! We initially approached them with the goal of securing a grants for our businesses and they have been instrumental in educating me about grants, which has resulted in successfully securing seven grants over the course of 7 months! We are blown away by their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to our Business and project. They have been with us every step of the way and have provided us with invaluable support, advice and driven our business goals forward by 12 months. We highly recommend them to any company looking to secure grant funding.”

Kylie Brash – Director – Soapy’s Car Wash